Kris Waide

Kris Waide has been with Flowing Water Reflexology LLC since 2006. She was trained and certified under the original owner, DeeDee Kirk and continues to work with Johanna Pietila at Spectrum Health and Priority Health sites around the West Michigan area. Kris has also helped with training sessions for new reflexologists. She has presented benefits of reflexology for mothers suffering from postpartum depression to community and nursing staff through Spectrum Health’s Postpartum Emotional Support Program.

Johanna Pietila

Johanna Pietila is a certified reflexologist since 2003, trained by Charlotte Irwin, Center for the healing arts and massage. Johanna is the owner of Flowing Water Reflexology LLC, founded by DeeDee Kirk.  Flowing Water Reflexology has been providing Reflexology  services for Spectrum Health staff members since 2006.


Promoting good health. Reflexology promotes the body's marvelous ability to adjust and balance during times of stress. Simply taking time out to relax can help you let go of tension and enjoy a feeling of restored balance in your mind and body.

Beyond relaxation, reflexology has been shown to improve circulation. Increasing circulation boosts the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and other tissues and speeds the elimination of waste products such as lactic acid and stress hormones. This, in turn, reduces muscle tension and soreness, decreases healing time for injuries, and reduces swelling from injuries or illness. Immune function, skin tone, and the ability to concentrate also improve when circulation is increased.

Reflexology is a science/holistic therapy. It is an ancient healing modality that works on the concept that there are reflexes or points on the feet and hands that relate to every organ, gland, and part of the body. A compression technique using the thumb and forefinger is used to connect to these points to the body.

Our bodies are amazingly resilient, continuously adapting to life's physical and emotional challenges. Through every minute of every day the different systems of the body communicate and work together to create the subtle adjustments that result in a healthy condition.

Through the skillful application of pressure to specific points in the feet, a reflexologist joins in the silent dialogue within your body. Practiced in diverse cultures for centuries, reflexology is much more than a good foot massage. For either preventative care or in response to physical or emotional distress, reflexology has been observed to create physical changes that can bring about balance, ease and healing.