Our Mission

We aim to support employee health and wellness in the workplace. We work with companies to create on-site experiences that help lower stress, reduce injury and increase employee satisfaction.

Meet the Team

Johanna Pietila

FlowingWater Reflexology

Johanna Pietila is a certified reflexologist since 2003, trained by Charlotte Irwin, Center for the healing arts and massage. Johanna is the owner of Flowing Water Reflexology LLC, founded by DeeDee Kirk.  Flowing Water Reflexology has been providing Reflexology services for Spectrum Health staff members since 2006.

Kris Waide

FlowingWater Reflexology

Kris Waide has been with Flowing Water Reflexology LLC since 2006. She was trained and certified under the original owner, DeeDee Kirk and continues to work with Johanna Pietila at Spectrum Health and Priority Health sites around the West Michigan area. Kris has also helped with training sessions for new reflexologists. She has presented benefits of reflexology for mothers suffering from postpartum depression to community and nursing staff through Spectrum Health’s Postpartum Emotional Support Program

Matt Kelly

Focus Clinical Massage

Matt Kelly, the owner, started FCM in 2006 to use his knowledge of manual therapy to help people find relief from stress and pain. Matt has been doing primarily corporate massage therapy for the last 6 years. He has over 1200 hours of specialized training in Manual and Medical Massage Therapy from Blue Heron Academy. He has studied anatomy, physiology, pathology and rehabilitation sciences in order to understand and treat chronic and acute musculoskeletal and vascular conditions...

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- Pick the service you want and then pick the location.

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